Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Research

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) remains dedicated to finding a cure for mantle cell lymphoma through an aggressively-funded research program and by supporting the development of improved therapies for people living with the disease.

The Foundation’s volunteer Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of 45 world-renowned lymphoma experts, guides the Foundation’s research activities, seeking out the most innovative and promising lymphoma research projects for support, including the LRF Mantle Cell Lymphoma Initiative and Consortium. This unique initiative brings together the world’s leading mantle cell experts to report on their research findings and to exchange ideas on how to improve treatment options for individuals living with the disease.

Since 2003, the Lymphoma Research Foundation has invested more than $23.5 million in 40 separate research projects focused on developing better treatments and ultimately finding a cure for mantle cell lymphoma. To learn how you can support the Foundation’s Mantle Cell Lymphoma Initiative, click here.